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I generally upload once a week every Tuesday. On occassion, I'll upload something on holidays (like for Christmas or Halloween) and that can throw off the schedule a bit.

I think that I'm a very good artist already, but I like receiving critiques regardless; you can never improve too much. If possible, I will give critiques in return. Also, if you want a picture critiqued by me, just ask. I don't charge for it.

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Le Bonhomme du Minuit cast portrait

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A reference sheet for Trillium (she REALLY needs one, too)

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Art Trades

I am ALWAYS open for art trades, so ask away! Here is my art trade information.

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I am ALWAYS open for commissions, so ask away!
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Commission Information

These are the things you can commission. You can commission other things of course, but I may not agree to draw it (though this shouldn't be a problem in most cases).

Single Study of a Character: (with or without background.)
-Full Body:
Changing of the Seasons by Magenta-Fantasies
-Waist CP: Citrus Rose by Magenta-Fantasies
-Bust (from chest up)

Two Characters Together
-Full Body The Tiger and the Gazelle by Magenta-Fantasies
-Bust (from chest up to the head)

Group Picture (more than two characters, with or without background)
-Full Body:
-Waist: Commission: Friendship by Magenta-Fantasies
-Bust (from chest up to the head)


Special Requests

Icons (still)

Icons (animated)

-Whatever size you want

-Full Body: Adopted: Roger the Goshawk by Magenta-Fantasies
-Waist (cuts off a little below the waist, from the hips up to the head)
-Bust (from chest up to the head)

Landscapes-half-size (half of an 8"-11" piece of printer paper)

Landscapes-full size (8"-11")

If you want an unwatermarked print of your commission, I will send you the link to the unwatermarked image via note. Be sure to print it out as soon as possible, because after a while, I will delete it off my St.ash.

Things I Might or Might Not Draw
(whether I'll do it or not is decided on a commission-by-commission basis. Consider these things "maybes")
* Inflation/weight gain
* Paw-related work
* Tickle-related work

Things I Will Not Draw
* Chibis
* Vore
* Yaoi/Yuri
* Overly-complicated machinery
*Any nudity with visible privates. (I'm willing to draw anthros naked, since their privates are covered by fur/feathers/scales)
*Eternity-style model sheets (I'm sorry, but I reserve these for my own OCs only)
*Any excessively gory thing (some blood/wounds is okay, but don't get too gross)


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Magic Kaito 1412 Speculation/Opinions

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 8:54 PM
So as some of you may have heard, Magic Kaito is going to get its own anime series separate from Detective Conan. I personally have mixed feelings about it;
as much as I like Kaito Kid, I always preferred Detective Conan to Magic Kaito, and it seems superfluous considering Detective Conan already adapted many of the Magic Kaito stories (well, most of the better stories, at any rate), and some even got adapted twice.
That's not really what I'm curious about. I'm more curious about what will happen if it gets dubbed. From what I've heard, the producers are pushing to get it distributed internationally, and
if it gets dubbed I wonder what kind of effect that would have on Case Closed. Anyways, here are some of my theories and thoughts.

:bulletred: FUNimation will dub Magic Kaito 1412
This really wouldn't surprise me. FUNimation is probably the largest English-language anime dubbing company, so even if Magic Kaito 1412 had no connections at all to Case Closed, I wouldn't
 be surprised if they picked it up. This would also work for FUNimation since they hold the rights to the English-language version of the Detective Conan anime (Case Closed). Although Kaito Kid only appears once or twice in the English dub (unfortunately they stopped dubbing a few episodes before he would appear again...). I wonder if he would be voiced by Jerry Jewell again? I hope so; I really liked the voice Jerry Jewell gave him, and I heard somewhere that he enjoyed the role, so maybe he would reprise it again. The Japanese version kept Kaito Kid's voice actor from Detective Conan, even though Magic Kaito 1412 is going to be produced by a different animation company.

I could see all sorts of possibilities unfolding from this if Magic Kaito 1412 does well. Possibly the Magic Kaito manga might get an English translation, and maybe, just maybe, FUNimation might  reboot Case Closed. They still hold the dubbing rights to it, so they could pick it up any time they wanted to. However, I wonder if they would keep the same voice actors. I'm not sure if all of them work for FUNimation any more. Still, I wouldn't mind a partially or entirely new cast if it meant new Case Closed episodes.

Speaking of FUNimation, Case Closed and dubbing, this brings about another idea, one that was fairly controversial with Case Closed: name changes. If FUNimation dubbed Magic Kaito 1412,
 would they change the characters' names like Case Closed? I have mixed feelings on those name changes; I don't mind the names, but they don't go with the rest of the show at all and it feels
 half-hearted. If you're going to anglicize the characters' names, go the full nine yards and translate or erase all the Japanese text (which in a show like Case Closed would be close to  impossible, and maybe even damage plot points depending on the episode). I think FUNimation has learned their lesson about name changes from Case Closed, but if this does happen with Magic Kaito 1412, I have some theories of what the names would be changed to (and I will laugh my head off if I turn out to be right).

Kaito Kuroba -------> Kyle Kurtz (yes, that's the name he uses as an alias in the Heisei Hoods)
Toichi Kuroba -------> Tony Kurtz
Saguru Hakuba ------->  Samson Hackett (for some reason, Samson suits him. I can definitely see him as a Samson)
Aoko Nakamori ------->  Alice Fuller (Inspector Ginzo Nakamori’s name in the English dub was Inspector Mace Fuller, so Aoko would have his last name, assuming they keep it the same, which  might or might not happen)
Keiko Momoi -------> Katie Mulloy
Akako Koizumi -------> Acadia Kysely

:bulletred: Conan (and likely some other Detective Conan characters) will appear at some point in Magic Kaito 1412.
This seems very likely, since Conan has been in all the promotional material I've seen so far (including the trailer), and at this point the continuities of Magic Kaito and Detective Conan are
pretty much one and the same. I imagine this will work something like the Magic Kaito characters' appearances in Detective Conan: they'll appear every now and then and be important to
the plot when they appear, but the stories won't go from their perspectives. I'm intrigued by the idea of a Kaito Kid and Conan face-off from Kid's perspective; we've had something similar, only it was with Shinichi and Kaito Kid.
If this doesn't happen, at the very least there will be cameos, such as the various cameos that happened in the Magic Kaito special episodes of Detective Conan.

:new: EDIT: I found the first episode online (and the page for the second episode was uploaded literally the moment I opened the first one; pity no videos have been posted yet...). The plot of this episode is based on the first Magic Kaito chapter, which was also adapted in the Magic Kaito specials that were part of Detective Conan. I think I prefer that version, but by a small margin. The Magic Kaito 1412 episode is a little more faithful to the original chapter in terms of the story (it's complicated to explain). Weirdly enough, it seems implied that Toichi is still alive, whereas in the manga it was completely ambiguous if he was alive or dead. To be honest, I always thought he was alive, back in 2009/2010 and now, so I'm not terribly surprised (I wonder how much of that opinion is influenced by The D.C. Mysteries/Le Bonhomme du Minuit?). Anyways, it was a very funny and entertaining episode to watch, which is saying something considering I've seen the exact same plot twice before (in the manga and the previous Magic Kaito specials). The animation and music are mediocre; they're never unpleasant and both have their bright spots, but neither has the same finesse as the Magic Kaito specials or Detective Conan. Magic Kaito 1412 feels lower-budget than either.

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Greetings! I'm a Creative Writing/Graphic Design double-major who also works (when at home) as a graphic designer and IT girl. In addition to that, I'm regularly a vendor at craft fairs and participate in various levels of art contests (and almost always win ribbons, too).

I mostly draw cartoons (anthro in particular), but I draw humans, animals, landscapes and other things as well. The main medium I work with is a combination of traditional and digital art. I draw my pictures by hand using pencils, pens and colored pencils, then scan them and color and ink them using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I do 100% traditional drawings as well and I also have a good amount of experience with paint, whether it's anything from spray paint or gouache. In addition to this, I'm also a photographer.

Hairstyle: Thick fluffy curls, length from anywhere from slightly above shoulder-length to chest-length, occassionally with straightened bangs (but NEVER straightened anywhere else!)
Hair color: Mocha (naturally, though I really like my natural color I still enjoy dyeing it from time to time) Current color is half-blonde, half magenta.
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Love to read: Fantasy, graphic novels, always fiction
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My Perfect Day Would Be: Waking up with a good night's sleep, going skiing, hiking or swimming (depending on the season), going shopping, going out to dinner at a nice restaurant and going to see a movie. Special someone included is optional.
Favorite pair of shoes: Sneaker boots and sneaker heels, high wedge sandals
My quirks (fashion-wise; there are too many to list otherwise): I'm a clotheshorse; I have a TON of clothes, but I take very good care of them so they last a long time. Actually, that extends to EVERY area of stuff; I'm such a packrat. ^^;


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At looooooong last, I've finally uploaded all the pieces from my 2012 college portfolio! See for yourself: magenta-fantasies.deviantart.c…
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Changed my username! Also, I'm twenty years old now!
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Woot Shoutbox~! I find your gallery colorful and fun~! :boing:
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Thansk! I have no idea who gave it though, and I'd like to thank them.:)
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First shout! :D Congrats for getting a sub ;)
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